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There are 4 required subjects and you may pick 3 other subjects. Sometimes, there will be homework sent home with them. It's really fun and easy homework. It will only be Journal keeping homework.
Sorry, to say, but my microphone doesn't work so, your babyz will only learn words from other babyz in the class. Send your babyz to me once I reply to your E-mail. (Must be a copy of your babyz!! B/c I might lose the file. Just to be on the safe side.) School days will be on Friday night till Monday night. They will be returned home on Tuesday with homework assignment.
I do not abuse!

Required Subjects:
Reading - Learning how to say words of stuff.
Math - Learning their numbers.
Spelling - Learning their letters
Journal Keeping - Writing what happened during the day.

Extra Subjects:
Art - They will crawl/walk through the museum I prepare for them to see and tell them about the art.
Band - They will learn how to play the drums and piano with the song
P.E. - We will dance and play during this Subject.
Modeling - Babyz will dress-up in clothes and learn how to model for pageants and other stuff.
Taste Testers - This is for babyz who like to eat!
Field Trips - They will take field trips to the zoo in the back yard.
Gardening - Babyz will learn how to planet seeds and watch them grow.
Landscaping - They will learn how to build buildings and not get upset when their tower falls down.
Socialization Course - They will socializtion with other babyz that I own or other babyz from other classes.